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 The continuous development of wireless communication requires unique and tailored measurement solutions. As antennas can be considered key component of a wireless communication system and advanced remote sensor performance, measurement and validation before use is essential and has direct impact on the performance.
Chora is proud to say that our products go through our in-house developed anechoic test environment, where we are able to perform sensitivity measurements on smart antennas supported by our own software.
Thanks to our test and measurement solution, the performance of an reception system, the ratio of antenna gains to total equivalent noise temperature (G/T), diversity gain and beam gain, can be addressed in our anechoic chamber.



• Fully automatic turntable supporting smart antennas with multiple elements
• Transmitting antennas are distributed with 15degree spacing. They have dual steerable polarization, enabling measurement of antennas with various polarizations
• Antennas under tests, can vary in sizes up to 30cm
• The setup is optimized for measurement of receiving antennas
• The chamber is calibrated in the frequency range 700MHz to 7.5GHz
• 2D Polar Plots
• 3D Spherical Plots
• LHCP/RHCP/Axial data for Circularly Polarized antennas
• Total Radiated Power / Total Isotropic sensitivity measurement