Chora - Dependable Innovation
Chora - Dependable Innovation


Your Electronic Warfare Specialist 

Chora creates and supplies unique advanced solutions for mission critical challenges, applying best-in-class technology and an unparalleled understanding of real customer requirements to create simple, effective and easy-to-use solutions.

Our products and solutions which are developed and manufactured in Denmark, include advanced antennas, SDR based R/F sensors, integrated databases and intuitive GUI’s including GIS solutions. All incorporating the best of world-class design.

Founded in 1994 Chora has more than 25 years of experience thanks to strong customer relationships and market focused technological capabilities. From our offices in Denmark and Germany, we provide the best possible service internationally for our business to government customers, who are predominantly active in the defence sector.

With clear value-based management that has a real track record of sustainable success superb access to our niche market and unique IPR, we are using our knowledge to build a brighter future.

  The number of happy customers is the same as the number of customers
  As innovative as technology allows us to be
  Nimble, faster and flexible – being agile and timely is our approach
  Tailored solutions and services

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